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Caring for your Fine Art Print

When cared for and displayed properly you can expect your fine art print to last for more than a lifetime before the onset of colour fading becomes measurable. To get the most enjoyment and life out of your purchase here are a few simple guidelines to help you along your way.

  •  When handling your print you should ideally wear white cotton gloves. At the very least hold it by the edges and try not to touch it anywhere except the border as the oils in your fingers have the potential to mark and deteriorate the surface.
  • Avoid hanging your framed print in any environment with extreme temperatures as this may cause the frame to expand and contract. Never hang in a shower/bathroom.
  • Avoid hanging your print in direct sunlight but do ensure it is in a well-lit area so you can fully appreciate its finer details. Ideally, the print should be subtly lit by gentle spotlights.• Should you need to clean your print, use a sable brush or clean makeup brush. Avoid using water, oils, cleansers, polishes, sponges, or vacuums.

I recommend having all prints mounted and framed by a professional framer in your local area. This will help showcase your print to its fullest while also protecting the surface from dust, scratches, blemishes and colour fading. Additionally you will have the benefit of being able to talk with the framer who will be able to guide you in making the best choices for your circumstances. Ultimately your choice of colour and material for the mount and frame is down to you, but here are a few general mounting and framing guidelines:

  • It is advisable to choose your mount and frame based on the artwork itself rather than the environment in which it will be displayed in case it needs to be moved to a new location at a future date.
  • Simple is often best. Good mounting and framing draw your eye towards the artwork, never overpower or compete with it. For this reason I would always recommend a neutral coloured mount. Wider mounts tend to create focus towards the print whereas a narrow mount will usually act as more of a distraction.
  • To protect the surface of your print it is advisable to opt for an acid-free or archival mount.
  • Prints displayed in brightly lit areas may benefit from anti-glare glass.
  • Although a little more expensive, for the ultimate in preserving the lifespan of your print you may like to consider conservation (aka museum) glass.

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