Peter Krainhofner

As a child, I would photograph my friends with an Instamatic camera and created little storybooks that coupled the images with writing. I love to tell stories with my photography by utilizing the panorama format, as it naturally leads the eye on a path. I also group a sequence of related images creating a photographic storyboard. Many of my images are in either pairs or groups of three (diptych or triptych).

The black and white photographic medium that I prefer to use with my fine art photography has the unusual characteristic of being both subtle and having high impact. My biggest influence was the photographer Ansel Adams. Black and white photographs remain a highly timeless, contemporary and classic art choice for collectors. 

  • If you would like to use my images to promote your business, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 079-618-4397, or email me at peter.krainhofner@gmail.com

  • If I do not have the exact image you are after, why not request a commission? I can also be commissioned to travel anywhere to capture the imagery you require. 

*I guarantees excellence, outstanding service, flexibility, honesty and good communication at all times. I am based in Cape Town but operate nationally and internationally.