With architectural photography, your most valuable asset is light as it is with most photographic disciplines. The time of day is a huge factor as there are literally only moments during the day when the light is just right. I thrive on chasing this magic moment.


Having practised architecture for over 18 years, I decided to retire from the profession a few years ago and pursue my passion for photography on a full-time basis.

I love detail and this is what I try to focus on with my photography, yet simultaneously photographing the building and contextualising it in its unique environment, is another challenge I enjoy.

I look for the essence of a place and what the designers had in mind. A building has a personality and like most humans, we only want to show our best sides. Sometimes we need help in finding it and bringing it to the foreground.

Please refer to the Contact page or contact me for further Services if you are interested in any architectural photographic projects that you may wish to record.