The Adventures of a South African Tour Guide

Updated: Jan 27

A Tour Guide Adventure of South Africa

Tour Guide Adventure South Africa

Welcome, Wilkommen, Wamkelekile,

My name is Peter Krainhofner or just Peter K for those that don’t know me yet. and welcome to my page and my blog. The webpage consists mainly of my fine-art gallery of my black and white images and my new passion, namely my Wildlife gallery. My blog is about my adventure, a crazy and intriguing roller coaster ride which I need to retell.

I am a South African tour guide and this is my story. I have been touring throughout South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini or formerly known as Swaziland, and Lesotho among many other places. I became a tour guide out of a love for this country and this is my adventure.

As a kid, I already told stories and my friends know me as a storyteller. I have always been telling stories on my trips but now that I’m taking a brief sabbatical, I want to use this opportunity through this blog to carry on telling you my story; not only from a photographic perspective as per my gallery and portfolio but also through my stories.

It all started not too long ago, around ten years ago to be exact. I finally dared to completely break away from the corporate world. It was a necessity and something that was way overdue; the stress of daily meetings, deadlines with the pressure from the top and the bottom was chiselling away at me and I was losing my passion and faith. My dream was gradually crumbling before my eyes and it took me a long time to realize it or rather, to finally do something about it. As I was taking my shutters off, I began to look outside the box.

I somehow have always sensed that the gipsy in me was inherited from my father. My great grandfather was born in Czechoslovakia, in those days it was a separate sovereign country called Sudetenland. I have always had this gipsy streak in me and it has taken me to all four corners of the world. I have broken away, as I put it, from this corporate world; my best friend suffered a heart attack at 48 and I wasn’t far behind. More importantly, I was losing my passion, not only for my chosen career in life but for most other things that surrounded me. Listlessness and boredom snuck in and ultimately took over. I had made it in my career, but that doesn’t mean I was happy. It was the exact opposite. Many of us feel that way but never do anything about it for a million different reasons.

I was flying to Kuwait once a month and struggling through Excell documents and reports on the nine-hour plane flight. This wasn’t architecture anymore. I saw nothing of the country and with suit and tie sat in meetings the whole day then hung out at Starbucks in the evening hunched over my laptop and cappuccino in thirty-nine degrees Celcius heat. If it weren’t for the low humidity and gentle breeze, this would be completely unproductive to get anything done. No one would be able to do an iota of work. Ok, every building, office, mall, and coffee shop is air-conditioned. Even the Souks – the only place I unofficially visited. Yeah, I tried to bargain with the gold sellers, no chance, not like here.

I returned to this haven, as crazy as it sounds with all its idiosyncrasies; my birthplace, the spot where I do feel at home. Since it’s the greatest upheaval in its short history, our beautiful country has undergone a major metamorphosis starting in 1994 and I went through a similar transformation without knowing or realizing it. I sense that I understand the people, the various cultures, I was brought up by a Zulu nanny and now have Xhosa friends among the other colors of our rainbow nation. I want to promote my country, my culture, my spot on earth. After leaving architecture, I struggled for a couple of years to find my true passion and meaning in this life. Ten years ago I would have never gone down this route. That’s when this adventure properly started for me but it does not exclude my other excursions throughout my world; diving with sharks, jumping out of planes, It takes 7.32 seconds to keep our attention in these times of furiously fast information exchange. I mean to change that.

As a tour guide since the last five years, I’ve been telling stories and realized that my customers loved this and wanted more. They kept asking me to elaborate and tell them more. What a pleasant surprise for me. It has been a natural transformation as I wanted to intrigue and enthral my customers, I wanted them to come back, to tell their friends about this place, it’s people and our culture, history, animals, and county. Without realizing it until now, I started to tell stories to be able to keep my customers attention, and by utilizing what I have always loved to do I managed this. And that is my challenge here with this blog.

Now that I have to temporarily put my tour guiding career on the back burner, I do not want to lose my stories, and what better way than writing them down in a blog. I used to have verbal interaction with my clients and this will be continued via virtual tours. So watch this space. I have the most amazing video clips and images, as well as the craziest stories from my Africa adventures besides my other excursions throughout our world. I cannot wait to let you guys come on this adventure with me.

With my images, similar to my stories, I want to make you stop and let the image grab your attention if only for a brief moment. Then I know I have achieved what I set out to do.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford - 1863-1947 - Industrialist-Founder of Ford Motor Company

I became a tour guide out of a love for this country and this is my adventure. As a South African tour guide, I am now forced to rethink my career and even my future, and I saw all these opportunities in front of me.

To everyone else who gave their support and encouragement. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Please sit back and enjoy the world through my lens.

Till the next click,


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