The Adventures of a South African Tour Guide

Updated: Apr 17

A brief introduction. Way more stories to come...

Tour Guide Adventure South Africa

Welcome, Wilkommen, Wamkelekile,

I am a South African tour guide and this is my story. My greatest passion is to tell stories through my pictures.

I have been touring throughout South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland, and Lesotho among many other places. I became a tour guide out of a love for this country and this is my adventure.

Besides my Blog, the webpage consists mainly of my Fine-Art Gallery of my black and white images and my new passion, namely my Wildlife gallery. My blog is about my adventure, a crazy and intriguing roller coaster ride which I need to retell.

The Adventure begins...

It all started not too long ago, around a decade ago to be exact. I finally dared to completely break away from the corporate world. It was a necessity and something that was way overdue; the stress of daily meetings, deadlines with pressure from the top and the bottom was grinding away at me and I was losing my enthusiasm, passion and drive. My dream was gradually crumbling before my eyes and it took me a long time to realize it or rather, to finally do something about it. As I was taking my shutters off, I began to look outside the box.

The Gypsy Streak

Old lady on her way home
The island of Ios - Greek Islands

I have always had this gypsy streak in me and it has taken me to all four corners of the world. I somehow have always sensed that the gypsy in me was inherited from my father.

I have broken away, as I put it, from this corporate world that I have spent more than half my life in. More importantly, I was losing my passion, not only for my chosen career in life but for most other things that surrounded me. Listlessness and boredom snuck in and almost took over. I had made it in my career, but that doesn’t mean I was happy. It was the exact opposite. Many of us feel that way but never do anything about it for a million different reasons.

Brother and sister Gypsy's somewhere in Turkey

Finally Freedom...

I returned to this african haven, as crazy as it sounds with all its idiosyncrasies; my birthplace, the spot where I do feel at home. I want to promote my country, my culture, my spot on earth. After leaving architecture, I struggled for a couple of years to find my true passion and meaning in this life. About a decade ago is when this adventure properly started for me but it does not exclude my other excursions throughout my world and throughout my life; diving with sharks, jumping out of planes, being chased by elephants, the list goes on and on.

It takes 7.32 seconds to keep our attention in these times of furiously fast information exchange. I mean to change that.

I have hundreds of unedited video clips and images with some of the most amazing wildlife scenes, from the beautiful to the raw reality of a lion kill. I want to finally retell these craziest stories from my Africa adventures besides my other excursions throughout our world. I cannot wait to let you guys come on this adventure with me.

So let's's start our Journey...


With my images, similar to my stories, I want to make you stop and let the image grab your attention if only for a brief moment. Then I know I have achieved what I set out to do.

Please sit back and enjoy the world through my lens.

Till the next click,


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